The 10 Most Powerful M&A Firms in the World


M&A firms are concerned with the merger and acquisition of companies, which is a strategy many businesses employ in order to grow and expand. The process of merging or acquiring businesses can be very complex and requires significant financing, legal procedures and even sometimes government approval. The synergy created by a merger or acquisition is designed to help all parties involved reap the financial benefit and software technology such as a data room is often used to facilitate such a large sharing of financial and confidential information. 

The Top 10 Most Powerful M&A Firms

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs have been listed on the New York stock exchange since 1897 and have grown to be one of the largest investment banks and owners of banking enterprises globally as well as in the United States. Still based in New York, Goldman Sachs deal in a number of financial services including investment and asset management, along with brokerages, securities and underwriting. With close links to the US Treasury, Goldman Sachs has also seen may of their employees move into high ranking positions in the White House, making them a powerful player in the M&A world. They are also listed at 62nd by Forbes 500 in their list of top earning American firms. They currently hold an estimated total equity of over $90 billion.

JP Morgan Chase

As the largest bank in America and the sixth largest in the world, JP Morgan Chase have an estimated total asset worth of 2.687 trillion dollars. JP Morgan Chase offer a variety of financial services, from private wealth management to commercial banking and credit lending services. They currently hold an annual net income of $36.4 billion.

Morgan Stanley

Coming in just behind Goldman Sachs in 67th place on the Forbes 500 top earning American firms list, Morgan Stanley are an investment bank and also offer a range of financial services across an excess of 42 countries. They currently hold a revenue figure surpassing $40 billion annually.


Citi are a global investment bank and financial services provider, formed when Citigroup and Travelers Group merged in the late 90's. They hold a number of subsidiaries and were shown as having a revenue stream of over $72 billion in 2018.


Evercore is primarily concerned with mergers and acquisitions, but also deals in private investing for clients along with asset management. Founded in 1995, Evercore hold an extremely successful record when it comes to advising for mergers, acquisitions and recapitalisation, so far earning them a whopping 3 trillion dollars in revenue.

Bank of America

Formed when NationsBank acquired BankAmerica in 1998, the current Bank of America is part of the 'Big Four' who service roughly 10% of all American bank deposits. Although primarily an investment bank, Bank of America also provides wealth management services and commercial banking. Bank of America currently hold assets of over $2 trillion with total revenue reaching $91.24 billion a year.

7. Credit Suisse

Based in Switzerland, Credit Suisse provides asset and investment management along with other financial services. With an annual revenue reported to be around $22 billion, Credit Suisse may not turn over as much as some of its American counterparts, but are still a major global player and are part of the 'Bulge Bracket' of world banks.

8. Barclays

British investment bank Barclays offer a variety of financial services to both private and corporate clients. Based in London, Barclays reportedly holds over 1.4 trillion pounds in assets with an annual estimated revenue of over £21 billion.

9. RBC Capital Markets

Royal Bank of Canada has been in operation since 1864 and its head office and legal headquarters remain in Canada despite serving clients worldwide. Managing $6 billion in assets, Royal Bank of Canada also offer corporate banking and investment brokerage across a number of their different subsidiaries.

10. Moelis & Co

A global investment bank, Moelis & Co offer financial investment and strategic planning across a number of different sectors, from governments to privately owned corporations. Founded in 2007, so relatively recently in comparison to many of the other names in the top 10, Moelis & Co currently have an estimated revenue of $745 million per year.
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