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A Short History of Beer

No one seems to know exactly when the first beer was produced, although it certainly dates back to 3400 BC. Whilst excavating in 1974, a jar from this period was discovered at the Godin Tepe site in Iran, which contained residue from a barley brewed beer. Remnants were also found on ancient Chinese pottery, dated around 5,400 years ago, which proves that beer was being produced from, not just barley, but other grains too. With no further conclusive dating possible, it is thought that people were drinking beer long before; the exact era to potentially remain a mystery forever.
The oldest beer recipe is contained within a 3,900-year-old Sumerian poem to the goddess of brewing, Ninkasi, which waxes lyrical about how beer was brewed from barley using bread. One thing we know for sure is that ancient man, (and no doubt woman too), loved beer as much as we do today. The ancient Egyptians liked to flavour theirs with dates, wild herbs and olive oil, whilst Pharaohs were buried with plenty of vats to keep them happy in the afterlife. Indeed, the Babylonians had more than 20 recipes for different types of beer; workers who built the pyramids preferred to be paid in the liquid gold,

Beer Through The Ages

For many centuries, in Europe, beer production relied on Gruit, a mixture of specially selected herbs and spices. It wasn't until the first millennium AD that the joy of hops was discovered - Germany began to export them in the 13th century. The appearance, taste and quality of beer now began its journey to where we are today. By the 16th century, Germany had introduced a purity law for all beer, called “Reinheitsgebot”, which left a basic mix of barley, hops and water as being the only acceptable ingredients. The importance of adding yeast was realised a few centuries on.

Beer has come a long way from a thick sludge-like consistency to the wonderful substance that is produced today. Yeast is now a very important ingredient, a fact that was discovered by Louis Pasteur, a French microbiologist, in 1857. He was able to prove that alcoholic fermentation was carried out by living yeasts and not, as previously thought, by a chemical catalyst. He also discovered that the process of heating up the beer prevented spoilage, as it killed off any contaminated organisms. Today, we now know this technique as Pasteurization.

Modern Day Brewing

Grain malting has become a very precise science, allowing the process to retain that delicious crisp flavour and light colour we now enjoy. Refrigeration, a relatively new invention in brewing and drinking, was invented by Carl von Linde in 1873, at the Spaten Brewery in Munich, where it is still based today. Nowadays, apart from the high calorie count, beer has some plus points: a high vitamin B content and essential amino acids, which we need to maintain tissue, muscles, organs, hair and skin. Perhaps that’s why beer drinkers acquire a rosy glow!
Next time you pick up your glass of beer, think about where it’s come from. That original clay pot of flat, slightly burnt tasting, almost gruel-like drink, to the refreshing, chilled, bubbly beverage that you now hold in your hand. Beer rates as the third most popular drink in the world, with water and tea taking first and second. It has become very much a part of modern day living, so, raise your glass and give a toast to all those geniuses who have worked hard to produce the world’s most popular alcoholic drink.

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Informasi Kontrak Gudang Di daerah jawa

Gudang bisa dipakai oleh siapapun, izin gudang juga betul-betul jelas. Tapi, yang lebih pasti adalah barang yang anda simpan akan lebih aman dan lebih bagus seandainya disimpan di gudang. Variasi pasti kita akan bersuka ria menaruh barang di gudang dibandingkan dirumah. Di sidoarjo terutama sebagian kota besar telah memakai bisnis sewa gudang yang memang menguntungkan ini. Ada pula yang sengaja menjual gudang untuk keperluan perusahaan besar. Namun, beberapa besar orang membuka gudang tentu memiliki pandangan tersendiri. Usaha ini tak banyak yang melihatnya, ada juga yang sengaja membuka usaha ini namun gagal, tapi keuntungan lain membuka jasa sewa atau jual gudang tentu berdasarkan analisis yang ada di kota kalian. Sekiranya kota kita adalah kota produksi dan industri, maka membeli gudang merupakan kebutuhan tiap pengusaha. Memasarkan gudang yaitu contoh aktifitas yang jarang pebisnis lakukan. Tentu beberapa para spesialis pebisnis mencoba untuk menikmati sensasi saat membuka usaha jasa jual gudang di jawa timur. Gudang betul-betul dibutuhkan bila kita mencoba untuk membuka bisnis. Gudang memang menjadi salah satu investasi rentang panjang yang menjanjikan. Beberapa diantara kita tentu betul-betul berbahagia sebab bisa mendapatkan rumah yang telah memiliki gudang tersendiri. Melainkan, bagaimana dengan yang belum memilikinya? Apa yang mesti dilaksanakan? Biaya awal menjual gudang terbilang lebih hemat dibandingkan dengan membikin sebuah hotel. Modal awal membuka gudang yang dibutuhkan ialah tanah, ukuran tanah dan lain sebagainya. Berikutnya, anda tinggal menambah bata dinding atau tembok serta baja ringan. Harga sewa gudang juga cukup bermacam-macam tergantung ukuran dan besar. kamu dapat memilih ukuran yang sesuai dengan dasar dan panduan yang kamu inginkan seperti untuk keperluan pupuk, beras, makanan ringan dan lain sebagainya.

peluang menjadi usaha sewa gudang sidoarjo

Tidak jarang juga orang ingin mencoba menyewa gudang supaya mempermudah penyortiran di beragam daerah. Misalnya jika kita memiliki usaha hasil panen, maka kamu bisa mengaplikasikan jasa gudang untuk menaruh barang-barang atau hasil panen tersebut dengan mudah. Sangat gudang pelbagai-variasi. Ada yang bentuk seperti perumahan, ada yang gabung dan ada pula yang terpisah. Tergantung dengan opsi yang kamu inginkan. Fasilitas lain gudang ini tentu adanya penjaga yang dapat menjaga gudang kita dari tindak melanggar hukum. menguntungkan dan bisa membuat kita lebih aman seandainya membeli atau sewa gudang.
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How To Minimize Your Expenses Where It Counts

Spending money is easy but cutting down your expenses can seem incredibly difficult. From paying rent, to phone bills, and dinners out – it can be hard to keep money in our pockets these days. The key to successfully minimizing your expenses is by cutting down where it counts and where you seem to be slipping the most. Through actively tracking your habits and discovering what is draining your bank account the fastest you can then take the necessary steps to save more and spend less.


           Anyone living in a major city knows how difficult and time-consuming commuting can be. Not to mention the unnecessary expenses from buying a car, maintaining it, and paying for gas all add up with time, especially as the car gets older. Finding alternatives to a pricey commuting practice for your lifestyle can help you save a lot more presently and in years to come.

One option is to consider working from home, if that is possible in your company. Working from home allows you to completely cut commuting costs all together while still easily communicating and collaborating with coworkers through cloud-based software, such as virtual data rooms. With a VDR, any confidential company data can come home with you, while also remain safe with high level security features and permission settings that only allow desired users to view the documents.

If working from home isn’t an option for you, then public transit is a much cheaper alternative to owning and driving your own car. While the schedule times might not be as forgiving, once you get into the routine of catching the same train or bus every day, you can easily get into the habit and pocket the extra money that isn’t being wasted on your commute for more important daily costs.
If you’re someone that just really likes the comfort of a car for a long commute, then consider carpooling with a few friends or coworkers in the mornings. Not only is this kind to the environment, but also your bank account since you can all chip in for gas and alternate whose car will be used on which day.

Tackle Your Debt

 Most of us understand the strain and burden debt can produce, especially when you are trying to save up some extra money. It feels like your paycheck is going towards that rather than your savings account for future expenses and with the 10-year repayment plans, it can feel like you have no financial freedom during that time. For any big life transition, you are planning, it is advisable to try and tackle your debt first so that you no longer have to worry about it once it’s all been paid off. By focusing some short-term time and a good chunk of money to repaying any student loans, then you know that in a few months or a couple of years you’ll be completely debt free and able to start saving for the future and your inevitable retirement. 

Get Rid Of Cable
 Cable is quickly becoming an obsolete form of entertainment and an added expense that just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. With online streaming sites and apps that allow you to purchase movies with just the swipe of a fingerprint, it seems pointless to be paying for a cable plan that provides you with a variety of channels, some of which you might never watch. Get rid of the antiquated service and conserve that extra money for an alternative, cheaper method of movie and television show watching; one that will let you watch whatever you want, whenever you want.

Start Cooking
 With delivery services that can bring you all sorts of cuisines straight to your door, it’s no wonder why you feel like money is flying out of your pockets. If you are serious about saving money, then this is an expense you need to cut out immediately. Instead, focus of trying to make the delicious meals you crave with ingredients that are half the price of delivered meals. Not only does consistent cooking allow you to save money when you’re at home, but also lessens the temptation of buying food when you’re at work or school. Find a few recipes that you love and master them so that you can start saving on those delivery fees and putting that money towards your future.

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If you are contemplating about receiving into cell marketing

Never ever neglect to cater to the individuals who usually are not responding to you in a mobile marketing campaign if you want even much more consumers. You should also do a lot more to deliver back again repeat consumers, but also correct what's not functioning with your campaign so that you can entice far more individuals to quit in.

 Build a presence on Foursquare and Google Locations as a mobile marketer. These area-primarily based web pages are completely large and can actually aid you to enhance your overall internet existence. In no way neglect to use spot-primarily based networks. Just because the world wide web is world-wide isn't going to indicate you shouldn't also concentrate your efforts domestically.

 Weigh your competitiveness. Have a household member or friend sign up to a mobile membership of a competitor. Undertaking this will give you an within search as to how their program operates, and enable you know what you can do that will outperform them. Undertaking this prior to you truly commence your marketing campaign will give you a robust edge.

 Be sure that you modify your site so that it appears excellent on any sort of mobile system. This is critical if you are employing a blog to talk with people. Your site might search ok from the Android, but Iphone may slaughter it. You will want to get to work modifying it prior to other people are terrified away.

 Website link to exciting internet sites. One particular of the enjoyable things you can do to improve relations with your buyers is to link them to sites you feel that they will enjoy. These can contain website posts, social networking web sites, sweepstakes, or everything else you choose. Just make certain not to overdo it by spamming them.

 Cell advertising and marketing is not the spot to be extremely wordy. Mobile websites do not have that large of a screen to operate with as you do with a laptop, for that reason you have to emphasis on greater high quality with significantly less space. With cellular advertising, make your material worthwhile but not too wordy.

 If you are contemplating about receiving into cell marketing and advertising but aren't confident how, then appear no further. This report is geared in direction of informing you of some valuable guidelines about how to realize success with mobile marketing. Don't forget that these guidelines are only heading to reward you if you read this post extensively and digest the information.

 Goal your concept to the people you are sending it also. If you ship your customers also a lot of messages that do not apply to them, they are very probably to terminate any textual content concept or e-mail subscriptions. Do not send out your consumer "junk" mail via their mobile telephones if you want to keep them fascinated Comprar Seguidores.

 When marketing and advertising for cellular telephones make sure that the concept you deliver are quick and basic. Make confident your information is concise and understandable.

 Now that you have go through this write-up, you must be capable to make a strategy to get started out on your cell marketing endeavors. Preserve in brain that you are unable to enjoy the benefits if you never apply the classes discovered to your personal predicament. The details gleaned from this article need to established you on the appropriate path to make cell marketing technological innovation operate difficult for you.

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2 Tipe Laptop Asus di Bawah 3 Jutaan yang Berkualitas

Harga laptop Asus murah menjadi salah satu faktor daya tarik brand ini. Nah, ternyata ada laptop yang murah namun berkualitas!

Laptop adalah kebutuhan yang kini dipakai di segala kalangan mulai dari pelajar, mahasiswa hingga karyawan juga membutuhkan laptop untuk melakukan pekerjaan sehari-hari. Nah, tentu kita ingin mendapatkan laptop yang dengan harga murah namun punya kualitas yang baik. Ternyata hal tersebut bukanlah hal yang tidak mungkin.

Kamu bisa menemukan tipe-tipe laptop dari Asus yang bisa menjawab kebutuhan laptop kita dengan harga terjangkau. Penasaran tipe apa yang cocok untuk kebutuhkan kita? Simak ulasan lengkapnya!

1.Asus X200MA

Seri ini merupakan netbook yang memiliki layar kira-kira 11.6 inch. Meskipun dengan ukuran kecil, laptop ini justru jadi punya keunggulan tersendiri karena bisa di bawa kemanapun serta memiliki berat yang ringan. Meski harganya murah dan mudah di bawah kemana-mana. Laptop jenis ini juga cukup mumpuni untuk pekerjaan kita sehari-hari.

Laptop ini memiliki processor Intel Celeron dengan tipe N2840 yang memiliki kecepatan 2.58GHz. Dengan spesifikasi ini sudah cukup untuk mendukung pekerjaan bagi kamu yang pelajar maupun yang bekerja. Tak perlu takut ngelag atau lemot sebab laptop ini dibekali dnegan RAM 2 GB. Ukuran ini sudah lebih dari cukup jika sehari-hari menggunakan aplikasi yang umum dipakai.

Untuk segi visual, kamu tak perlu takut sebab laptop ini sudah memiliki kartu grafis Intel HD Graphics yang pastinya sudah membuat kita puas untuk menonton video maupun bermai game yang ringan. Soal memori tak perlu ditanya sebab penyimpanannya sudah mencapai 500 GB. Fitur lain yang bisa kita dapatkan antara lain wifi dan USB port. Dengan harga Rp 3 jutaan di, kita sudah mendapatkan barang yang cukup memuaskan bukan?

2.Asus X454WA

Laptop yang satu ini memiliki ukuran yang lebih besar ketimbang jenis laptop sebelumnya. Ia memiliki layar 14 inch. Seri laptop ini memamaki processor AMD Dual Core dengan tipe E1-6010 yang berkecepatan sekitar 1.35GHz. Sementara untuk ursan grafis, laptop ini sudah dibekali dengan grafis seri AMD Radeon R2.

Jangan takut lemot atau mudah ngelag sebab laptop ini juga memiliki RAM yang cukup mumpuni yaitu 2GB. Dengan begitu kamu bisa memakai laptop ini untuk beraktifitas seperti browsing dan melakukan streaming video serta bermain game yang masih ringan. Hampir mirip dengan laptop seri sebelumnya, laptop ini juga memiliki harddisk hingga 500 GB. Wah kita jadi bisa menyimpan banyak files.

Hal lain yang jadi keunggulan adalah adanya fitur Optical Drive untuk membantu burning ke DVD/CD. Selain itu ada pula SD card reader yang membantu kita membuka files dalam bentuk SD card. Laptop ini semakin lengkap dengan Wifi. Lalu bagi kita yang ingin menampilkan visual di laptop, kita bisa menggunakan fitur HDMI yang ada di laptop ini.
Wah benar-benar sangat menjawab kebutuhan laptop yang kita inginkan. Untuk masalah harga sebenarnya kedua laptop ini, bisa dibilang mirip. Namun ada beberapa perbedaan mendasar dalam hal spefikasi misalnya dari segi ukuran layar hingga kelengkapan fasilitas yang bisa kita dapatkan. Nah, bagaimana dengan kedua laptop ini? Bisa menjawab kebutuhan kita yang membutuhkan laptop murah dan berkualitas bukan? Ternyata untuk memiliki laptop dnegan kualitas baik tak perlu dengan harga yang mahal bukan?

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How to Make the Switch from Physical to Digital

 Many of us might find it a bit difficult to make the switch to a completely digital lifestyle, especially within an office environment. The heavy reliance of a pen-to-paper mentality can leave a company stagnant in today’s ever changing cyber climate with regards to additional costs that go hand in hand with physical documents and their storage. More and more companies are making the inevitable shift to only digital communication and collaboration, opting for various services and platforms that promote it. Whether that be Skype, Google Calendar, or a virtual data room; this article will discuss a few ways that you can transition your work life from relying on paper and streamlining your processes onto a digital platform.

Document Storage

           A simple way to make the transition from physical files and documents is to opt for an easier way to store and share data within a company. Email alone has made leaps and bounds to facilitate smooth communication amongst coworkers, allowing them to share their documents and remain in collaboration while working from different offices or remotely from home. While email is a fast and easy way to share documents, it isn’t always the safest. To ensure that all your important data stays secure and out of the hands of unwanted viewers, you should opt for a virtual data room. A VDR will allow all necessary employees from a company to upload and share their documents efficiently and with no concern about the safety of confidential information.

Virtual data rooms are predominantly used for M&A transactions, but they are also able to store financial information, intellectual property, and miscellaneous company documents that should not be accessed by the wrong third parties. They provide the main user with control over who sees what and for how long, allowing them to revoke permissions whenever they see fit. A VDR also encrypts data so that it cannot be intercepted during uploading and downloading. They are a safer alternative to generic document sharing services and provide the peace of mind to a company and an individual that anything stored will remain safe and impenetrable.


           A good planner can make the world of difference to someone who is perpetually disorganized and unsure of how to properly schedule their time. While physical planners are still a viable option, a better way to use your computer and smartphone to their full potential is by keeping any important meetings, due dates, and daily tasks documented on there. Not only are these devices easier to update whenever necessary, but also make it easier to share important dates with family and colleagues, as well as being a lot less physically obtrusive on your desk.

           Furthermore, holding weekly meetings on platforms such as Skype, are a great way to stay connected, up to date on priorities, and co-ordinate tasks moving forward. Email can also facilitate this, but can also cause a long chain that can be daunting to deal with on a weekly basis, especially if you work remotely and online platforms are your main method of communication.

USB Sticks & External Hard Drives

           Gone are the days when everything was printed and filed away in a cabinet for safe keeping and easy access. Now, USB sticks and eternal hard drives are the key to ensuring any projects you are working on stay safe and intact before they are ready to be uploaded or shared online. Making a point to back up all work is necessary in case of accidental hacks, leaks, or system malfunctions that can leave your data vulnerable or completely erased. Keeping a USB stick with you at all times with sufficient storage is an easy way to ensure you remember to back up your files as you go.

Furthermore, with a USB stick or external hard drive, bigger files can be easily shared with coworkers without the hassle of having to send them over email or a generic document sharing service that isn’t as secure. When you haven’t converted to a virtual data room, ensure that you have a storage system within reach so that anything you create can have a safe place to stay while you finish switching your lifestyle from physical documents to digital data.

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Kopi Kerinci Yang Nikmat Dan Enak

Buah kopi yang telah dipanen mesti segera diolah untuk mencegah terjadinya respons kimia yang dapat menurunkan kualitas kopi. Tetapi, terlalu banyak kopi terbukti tidak baik bagi kesehatan dan juga bisa mengubah suasana hati Anda. Alih-alih membikin Anda lebih bermotivasi, kopi ternyata juga dapat membikin Anda berisiko mengalami kecemasan. Ya, ternyata kopi dapat berpengaruh bagus dan buruk pada mood seseorang.

Segelas kopi dijadikan via cara kerja yang sangat panjang. Mulai dari teknik budidaya, mengelola pasca panen hingga ke penyajian akhir. Hanya dari biji kopi bermutu secangkir kopi bercita rasa tinggi bisa tersaji di meja kita. Kopi merupakan salah satu macam minuman yang paling banyak orang sukai, baik di pagi, siang, sore, hingga malam hari. Sore hari sesudah bangun tidur, orang sudah mencari kopi, supaya lebih bersemangat dalam menjalani hari, katanya. Pada malam hari sebelum tidur malah, banyak orang juga mengkonsumsi kopi, bisa untuk teman begadang atau cuma sebab adat istiadat. Ternyata, kopi sudah menjadi komponen dari pola hidup.

Setelah panen disortasi dan dipilah menurut kriteria tertentu, silahkan baca sistem memanen buah kopi. Buah mutu prima kalau diolah dengan benar akan menghasilkan biji kopi bermutu terbaik. Korea Selatan sendiri diketahui sebagai salah satu negara produsen teh hijau terbesar di dunia. Sama seperti Jepang, mereka memiliki tata cara khusus untuk meminum teh. Kebanyakan orang Korea justru lebih memilih mengkonsumsi kopi sebab alasan kepraktisan dibanding mengonsumsi teh.

Sekiranya Anda penggemar kopi dan ingin mendapatkan manfaat dari kopi ini, sebaiknya batasi konsumsi kopi Anda, jangan terlalu berlebihan. Konsumsi 3 cangkir kopi per hari pada waktu pagi, siang, dan sore hari rasanya sudah lebih dari cukup.

Kopi sudah menjadi minuman favorit bagi sebagian orang sebab khasiatnya yang bagus untuk meningkatkan konsentrasi. Bagi kau pecinta drama Korea, kau mungkin sering kali memperhatikan para artis pria dan aktris menikmati iced Americano.

Kopi yang mengandung kafein lebih dari 420 mg per hari bisa berpengaruh buruk pada kecemasan Anda. Meski, pada beberapa orang juga terbukti bahwa kopi dapat menurunkan tingkat kecemasan. Efek kecemasan dari kopi dapat berbeda-beda antar individu tergantung dari sensitivitas individu terhadap kefein dalam kopi.

kopi dapat memberikan manfaat besar bagi problem penyakit jantung, mengurangi risiko terkena penyakit kardiovaskular hingga 26 persen, juga mengurangi kemungkinan kematian pengaruh kardiovaskular sampai 18 persen.

sumber: kopi kerinci

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