5 Ways To Begin A Successful Morning


Becoming a morning person or just using every morning to your advantage can be difficult to accomplish, especially in the dreary winter months. Mornings can often be associated with the struggle to sleep in a little bit more or rushing to shower and get dressed for a long day of work ahead. While for night owls, mornings won’t ever be fun, there are ways to make them a bit more productive so that you can begin a successful day. Below are a few methods that can help you wake up with a clearer mind and embark on the day with energy and anticipation rather than dread and sleep deprivation.

1)    Avoid your phone

The instinct that most of us have first thing in the morning is reaching over to our bedside tables and scrolling through our phones. While this activity might wake you up it won’t set up your day for productivity and motivation when you are spending it under the covers on social media. An easy way to avoid this trap altogether is by using a proper alarm clock rather than your smartphone to wake you up in the mornings. With an alarm clock you can’t do anything other than snooze and turn it off, instigating you to get out of bed. Be sure to keep your phone on the other end of the room so that you actually have to get up if you really want to look through it.

2)    Have a good breakfast

It’s a common saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While that may not be true for every one (as we are all different) it is a great way to get your energy up and prepare you for the day when you are feeling groggy after a late night. Rather than opting for a sugary meal, try and prepare something with protein and fiber so that your digestion is primed for the rest of the food you will be eating throughout the day instead of spiking your insulin levels early in the morning. Furthermore, a great way to really enjoy your meal before you dive into a hectic day is by eating it without your phone as a means of distraction—instead eat meaningfully and enjoy the morning silence. 

3)    Plan out your day

A great morning habit to practice that can help produce a successful day is taking time to plan out your day. This can be simply sitting at your kitchen table and really delving into what your day will look like when you start work, what you hope to accomplish, and what can be done another day so as to avoid piling too much on and causing stress. By not planning it can be easy to fall into multiple projects throughout and not having a clear direction for all of them, making it difficult and messy for your team members to stay on track as well. Using a virtual data room (such as the one Firmex offers) to store all your necessary documents for big projects is a great way to stay on top of what you’re doing, remaining in communication and collaboration with your team, and keeping all confidential information secure.

4)    Squeeze in a workout

The easiest way to get more energy and feel refreshed early in the morning is by having a workout before you head to the office. The thought of having to peel yourself out of bed on a cold, winter day might be making your stomach churn, however, it’s been proven to boost motivation and productivity for the rest of the day. If you really can’t handle high intensity activities early in the morning opt instead for something lighter, but that will still get you moving, like yoga. It’s important to treat your body with the same care and patience as you would any other aspect of your life and working out is a great way to do that.

5)    Practice mindfulness

Mornings are usually attributed to the hustle and bustle of work life and those who chose to get as much sleep as they can are often looked down upon in high intensity corporate environments. It’s important to begin your day by practicing mindfulness in all the activities you do, such as eating, working, walking, or just generally living. Instead of letting the days pass by in a flurry of work and exhaustion, give yourself a few minutes every morning to recognize what you are doing, why it is that you are doing it, and who and where you want to be in the future. Working on your mental health is the best thing you can do to ensure a productive day ahead.

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